Financial technology innovation for a

greener planet

Climate change, pollution, urbanisation and industry has left us with environmental debt. We and future generations have to pay.
Business leaders must take this opportunity to innovate to limit damage and protect profitability.

About us

We have successfully delivered on the critical impact that financial technology can have in sustainability and climate change. We work with professional investors and corporate innovators who are seeking real change.

Redsand Group was founded by two entrepreneurs with over two decades of technology experience.

As a team, we have built cryptocurrency exchanges, tokenised sustainable asset management platforms, chatbots, foreign exchange wallets, mobile payments apps and remittance solutions for the unbanked.

We have launched these products across the United Kingdom, Sub-Saharan Africa, South East Asia and Scandinavia.​

Venture building

At Redsand, we see every project as a business rather than purely a technology build. This means that all aspects are considered to ensure that the venture is both profitable as well as impactful.

Our Clients
Corporate Innovators
  • Leverage emerging technologies to build profitable products that future proof your business.
  • Remove climate change related risk from your business through sustainable financial technology innovation.
  • Achieve tangible results through new business models unlocked by experienced venture building.
Professional Investors
  • Tap into the growing market of sustainable capital.
  • Access the emerging digital and tokenised funding technologies.
  • Lower investment costs and maximise transparency through our partner capital platform.

Featured venture

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Business Challenge

MIRIS was looking to leverage blockchain technology to lower investment administration costs, make project progress and investment transparent while introducing a secondary market that doesn’t currently exist in real estate.


Features include debt and equity issuing (with interest  and dividend paid through a stablecoin), an exchange, tokenised shareholder voting and a broker interface for account management.

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Corporate investors

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